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About publishing

AST Publishers is one of the leading companies on the Russian book market. It was established in 1990. 

AST publishes books of almost all genres for the widest audience: intellectual and entertaining literature, Russian and foreign classics, textbooks and dictionaries, the wide range of nonfiction and children’s titles. AST Publishing Group produces more than 40 million copies of books per year and unites the strongest editorial team in the country. 

The basic principles of AST Publishers are to preserve the intellectual world heritage, to provide the reader with the widest possible choice of literature appropriate to his personal and professional interests, to stay tuned to the world literary trends, to be socially active and implement advertising campaigns in support of reading in Russia. The authors’ portfolio of AST Publishers counts more than 5000 names. Every fifth book in Russia is published by AST.

AST Publishers has 3 major editorial departments: Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, and Children’s section. Each division includes several imprints that publish international bestsellers along with national award winners.

Adult Fiction division consists of Neoclassic, Corpus, Genres, Astrel SPb, Elena Shubina and Mainstream imprints and Leningrad publishing house. 

Adult Nonfiction is comprised of Vremena, Kladez, OGIZ, Lingua, PrimeEuroznak imprints.

Children’s division has Malysh, Astrel, Avanta, Willie-Winkie and Planet of Knowledge imprints.

In 2005 Audiobook joined AST Publishing Group. The main aim of Audiobook is to create audio versions of titles by Russian and foreign authors. AudioBook team cooperates with famous Russian film and theater actors. 

Since 2013 AST is a part of the largest publishing group in Russia — AST-Exmo Publishing Group. It takes the 45th place among the world’s largest publishing groups.

Foreign Rights Department

For all foreign righs requests please contact:

Our office

Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya quay, 6, structure 2, BC «Empire»
Address for correspondence: AST Publishers Foreign rights department P.O. box № 5 123317, Moscow, Russia
Name: Limited liability company «AST Publishers»
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